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Original Trailer

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! - Trailer #1

This is the first trailer we put together for the movie. We actually cut it together about a week after we finished shooting, so that we had something to show the cast and crew how things were looking.

Little did we know that we would actually continue to use this trailer for a whole year. We didn't mean to, we just never got around to editing a new one. If we had known, we probably would have been a little more selective, and cut out some of the swearing...oh time! ;)

Full Sail Feature

Zombies - Full Sail Feature

We had a lot of students working on the movie, and the local film school decided to do a little piece on us.

We couldn't have pulled this movie off without all the help we got from the students we had on the crew...and they really did a great job! We can't thank them enough for their hard work.